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05.21.17 - Champagne Dixie with Phil Kirk

052117  Champagne Dixie with Phil Kirk
May 21 at the Lafayette Hotel located at 2223 El Cajon Blvd., SD.

AFCDJS Members - $10, General Admission - $15, Under 30 - $5.

Anyone who loves "real" trad needs to look no further than lead trumpet player, Phil Kirk - known for years as 'Professor Plum.' For the past seven years, Phil has lead Champagne Dixie when they play at the Welk's Resort in Escondido. The group played last year at the 2016 SD Jazz Fest where they were featured in a memorial set for trad enthusiast Ed Stampfli. Don't miss the May 21 concert at the Mississippi Room to hear the sounds of Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morten, Bix Beiderbeck, Louis Armstrong and countless others. Along with Phil Kirk on trumpet there is Billy Hawkins, trombone; Jim Fiedler, clarinet; Ken Dillard, piano; Jim Goodwin, guitar/banjo; Kenny Powel, drums, and Johnny G, bass.
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