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02.17.2019   - Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra

02172019    Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra
Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra - February 17, 2019

Lafayette Hotel Mississippi Room located at 2223 El Cajon Blvd., SD.

AFCDJS Members - $10, General Admission - $20, Under 30 - $5.

The Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra began as a “vintage dance” band 14 years ago, playing and singing ragtime-era (1890-1920) tunes, with an emphasis on an authentic period sound, for a public that loved the turkey trot and grizzly bear. Over the years they have expanded their book to include numbers from the 1920s as well, adding composers like King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton to the earlier roster of Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joe Lamb, et al. But the music is still tailored for dancing and played from the old orchestrations to deliver a time-travel experience. You can even expect an occasional waltz or tango.

Bob Pinsker (piano) and Bruce Vermazen (cornet) lead the group: Ken Lemke, cornet; John Ralston, trombone; Fernando Herrera, flute and alto sax; Josh Mills, clarinet and alto sax; Patrick McMahon, tenor sax; Dan and Cheryl Swem, violins; John Winkelman, tuba; and Suzanne Tractenberg, drums.
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